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DECEMBER 2021; Lee Zimmerman for Goldmine Magazine

"He's released several solo projects, with the latest, Ode to a Nightingale, ranking among his best."


NOVEMBER 10, 2021; John Platt for New Folk Initiative


"The lead track of the latter is “Cosmic Ride,” an upbeat rocker that’s reminiscent of Jeff Lynne or Tom Petty. It’s also got an upbeat message that’s very timely”.

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 11.56.08 AM.png

OCTOBER 19, 2020; Patrick Prince on Goldmine Magazine 


"Singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano comes on the Goldmine Podcast to talk about his latest Spirals EP and his past songwriting credits such as "Bad Girls," a huge hit for his wife, the late Donna Summer."

screenshot of article from goldmine magazine about bruce sudano's spirals volume 2... time & the space in between

OCTOBER 7, 2020; Steve Schneider on OpEdNews


"His song, "American Sunset," is a stark recitation of contemporary woes. Fortunately, the artist and dreamer in him gives us a way forward."

screenshot of article from OpEdNews with heading "bruce sudano issues wake up call in 'american sunset"

OCTOBER 2, 2020; John McCall on Too Much Love Magazine


"There are a lot of emotional works coming out of the woodwork in the American indie circuit at the moment, but if you want pure consistency from an artist who is always evolving and growing with the music he puts his name on, this is probably one of the best players you can refer to in 2020."

screenshot of article from Too Much Love Magazinewith headline "bruce sudano 'american sunset' single/video"

OCTOBER 1, 2020; Mindy McCall on Indie Pulse Music


"2020 has been rough from all perspectives – pandemics, police brutality and a political firefight that seems to drown out the things we have in common as a human race in favor of highlighting everything we could ever potentially disagree over, but thankfully, Bruce Sudano isn’t standing idly by. “American Sunset” is his declaration of war for an unfeeling establishment that needs to get a shock to its system now more than ever before, and while it’s not the first time Sudano has used his platform for good, it could be his most assertive single to see release so far."

screenshot of article from Indie Pulse Music with headline "bruce sudano's single 'american sunset"

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020; Zachary Rush on Indie Music Reviews


"'American Sunset' disappears behind a wall of clouds, leaving behind a void that audiences have just been advised won’t last that long – after all, as Sudano reminds us here, the sunshine has a habit of reemerging even after the darkest of nights. I had some seriously high hopes for this single and its video ahead of seeing either document for the very first time this past September, but much to my pleasure, they’re on par with the high standard Bruce Sudano has set for himself as an artist in recent years. He submits another golden ballad in “American Sunset,” and it’s required listening for those in love with alternative folk-rock in 2020."

screenshot of article from Indie Music Reviews with headline "Bruce sudano's 'american sunset"

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020; Jason Scott on B-Sides & Badlands


The Americana titan feels new love and delivers a special kind of magic."

screenshot of article from B Sides and Badlands with headline "premiere: bruce sudano feels love's magic again with, 'keep doin' what you're doin"

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020; Tina Benitez-Eves on American Songwriter


"There’s a revelation of a country at the brink of breakage, one seeped in divisiveness, racial inequality, violence, and a persistent pandemic, yet still full of hope and ready for a new beginning." 

screenshot of article from American Songwriter with headline "bruce sudano tells a cautionary tale on 'american sunset"
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