Life And The Romantic

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Morning Song

I wake up in the morning

And I got my engines goin’

Let me tell you something

I’ve got lots of things to do

I see the sun is shining

Bright on the horizon

The shadow of the night has faded

Right into the blue


And as the sleep falls from my eyes

I’m giving thanks to God

For the brand new day

And another chance to dream


A dream of life, a dream of love

A dream of a world at peace

In universal harmony

With no one out of key

A chance to watch the children play

And see them grow up strong

A chance to be alone to pray

And sing my morning song


La Da Da Da Da ……………. Sing a morning song

La Da Da Da Da ……………. Should unto the Lord

La Da Da Da Da ……………. Sing it out with joy

La Da Da …………………… A brand new morning song


Yesterday is over now

Tomorrow’s still to come

The moment that we’re livin’

Is to do and get it done

The shackles of the past are broken

They can’t hold you now

Can’t you hear the future calling

Screaming right out loud


There ain’t no better way, to wake up and start your day

Then with a simple song of praise

With all that there is to do, and all that we’re going through

We need to live and walk by faith

Live by grace and walk by faith


Love Is Sacrifice

It’s taken me a long time

To understand the truth

I was blinded by the vision

And passion of my youth


But now at last I realize

I can finally see

What it means, really means

To love………


It’s not a bed of roses

Every morning, noon and night

It’s not an endless romance

With no struggle, without strife


It’s more then hearts and flowers

Or laughter in the rain

It’s giving all you’ve got

Then giving more again


Love is sacrifice

Sacrifice is love

Love is sacrifice

In the purest form


It’s nothing like the young hearts dream

In storybooks of fantasy

Where princes come and every girl

Fits cinderella’s shoe


If feelings only mean so much

It leaves the choices up to us

The beauty’s in surrender

It’s the hardest thing to do


Love is sacrifice

Sacrifice is love

Love is sacrifice

In the purest form

Love is sacrifice

It’s not counting the cost

Love is sacrifice

It’s not who won, it’s not who lost


What can you do, what can you say

When illusions are gone

It’s always so hard

Cause we all seem to want our own way

A Glass Of Red And The Sunset


What’s the point of all the madness

Non-stop till you drop life

Top of the mountain, king of the hill

Proving yourself to no one

The world inside your head

Drivin’ the engine to the rat race, you can’t escape

Pulls you back in time and again



Still somewhere inside your mind


You live for the time

A glass of red and the sunset

A wish that forever was

Just basking in the sun

Not a worry ‘bout the penny

In your pocket

A glass of red and the sunset


Is your life on automatic


What about it, are there too many ends

Loose in the wind

Trying to cash in on something

Where do your dreams lie

Do you know anymore

Are you stranded in time

Trapped in a cage of your creation


When always the simple things


Satisfy the need

A glass of red and the sunset

When the hallow realities

Of the lives we lead

Go and hide their ugly faces

A glass of red and the sunset


To ease your care and carry you away


Lose yourself behind the clouds and drift off into space

Breathe deep, feel the warmth of the sun