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Bruce Sudano
Bruce Sudano
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August 4, 2023


"Un brano dunque ottimista che vuole mettere di buon umore i propri ascoltatori e far comprendere
loro l’importanza di assaporare i momenti speciali e di vivere il presente. Hic et nunc."


May 5, 2023

Bruce Sudano Enlists Valerie Simpson for “Two Bleeding Hearts”

"In a melodic battle for our affection that will ultimately result in the audience emerging as the true winners, Bruce Sudano enlists a passionate Valerie Simpson alongside his own in “Two Bleeding Hearts,” his latest single and music video, which is undeniably as incredible a force as any other this beautiful ballad contains."


June 14, 2023

‘The Most Incredible Person I Ever Knew’: Bruce Sudano On Donna Summer

"“I don’t know how to categorize myself,” he says. “I’m basically a pop songwriter. I continue to evolve and refine what I do as a songwriter and live life and respond to things.”"

Make The World Go Away Bruce Sudano_edited.png

March 28, 2023

“Make the World Go Away”  by Bruce Sudano

"Catharsis is created through both percussive and vocal eruptions in the calculated lead in to the chorus, and it is only through this synchronicity between the two that there’s ever any relief from the grinding modulation that precedes the release of the hook."

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