Singer-Songwriter Bruce Sudano has a storied history in the world of music. However, beginning with his 2004 CD release Rainy Day Soul and the subsequent Life & The Romantic, his work became involved with the raw expression of internal challenges central to adult lives. In a vocabulary both everyday and poetic he examines the transitions - whether personal, spiritual or familial - there is acceptance and surrender, understanding then transcendence. His third album, With Angels On A Carousel, continued this journey further into the deep. With songs that reflected his recent experiences with crisis beyond control, exploring faith in the face of reality, hope within the conquering storm and the coming to terms with the overriding will of God.

With the release of The Burbank Sessions, Bruce explains, "I set out to put the band together with the help of my producer and guitarist Randy Mitchell. We started rehearsing and playing shows around LA to promote the album. Over the course of the year I continued writing and started incorporating the new material into the set, which led to this recording at Lokisound, our rehearsal studio in Burbank. We basically put up a few baffles for sound separation, set up some mics and played the songs as if we were doing a set in a club. We did each one a couple of times, choose the better take and mixed. If we had an audience I would have called it a live record."

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